Window Warmer Fabrics

Although there are many fabric options for a Window Warmer not all fabric is workable as a Window Warmer fabric. Look for fabric with a fairly tight weave. Poly-cotton blends and preshrunk cottons with wrinkle-resistant finishes work well. Material with body is easier to work with than a lightweight blouse or shirt-type material. If you will be piecing a patterened fabric together, actual drapery fabric will make pattern matching easier.

We suggest that you DO NOT make Window Warmers with:

Loosely woven fabrics
Stretchy fabrics
Foam-backed or Rubber-backed fabrics
Pre-quilted fabrics
Heavily napped fabrics such as velvet or corduroy
Horizontal stripes, plaids, or fabrics with
      a distinct horizontal grain - for shades over 3 feet wide

Feel free to check out our fabric vendor's options at the "Fabric Vendor" link or stop in the store to browse through our extensive collection of fabric books!

Many fabric vendors will usually allow you to order a Memo (small sample) of a fabric for you to see how it looks - color and weave.

There can be a charge for Memos if they are not returned to the vendor in a timely manner.

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